Venturing into Sports Medicine & Health Sciences – The Underrated Career Path

Venturing into Sports Medicine & Health Sciences – The Underrated Career Path

We’ve all come to a crossroad where we need choose the “correct” path that’ll eventually lead us to our dream jobs. In reality, that hardly happen.

Ask yourself this? How many times you’ve been scorned off for choosing Sports or Health Medicine as your college major; having someone telling you that it’s a big mistake?

Is this for real ? A mistake or a prospective job in sports and health sciences?

Like art and liberal courses, sports medicine is no different than its counterparts. Typical questions arise like-

What are you going to do after graduation?

How are you going to earn with that major?

Or simply- are you going to put food on the table at all?

You’d be surprised at the answers, though.

As a sports and health medicine graduate, you can actually earn a decent paycheck, depending on your area of expertise.

More so, the job prospects in the healthcare industry are strong and in demand, even in our local scenes (Malaysia and Singapore).

Underpaid hence underrated?

A nutritionist in Malaysia can earn up to a decent RM54,000 (US$12,318) per year, while an athletic coach in Singapore can rake in about S$34,800 (US$24,377) per year. In the U.S. alone, the median annual salary of athletic trainers was US$43,370 in 2014.

Not to mention high earning physicians (who specializes in sports medicine) who are capable of bringing in a median annual salary of US$161,205. Payscale can testify to that figure. And we're not even talking about the potential earnings of independent pilates instructors yet!

From coaching to nutrition and strategic planning, the study of sports medicine and health sciences should no longer be scorned upon. Rather, it’s about time we acknowledge the fact that this career path is truly underrated than it really is.

Think pilates instructors earn low? Think again!

*Current conversion rate for US$ 1.0= RM 4.39, SG$1.42


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