Private & Duet Pilates


Private Pilates Sessions (Newbie Package)

All new clients to Pilatique Singapore are entitled to our discounted Newbie Private Pilates Sessions Package. This package consists of Four (4) 55-mins Private Pilates Sessions.

Why Four sessions? Because we know it takes a certain amount of time before a student gets what Pilates is and gets comfortable with the instructor and studio. It also allows time for the student to experience Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel.

While it is low impact and slow, there is much to learn and digest in these first four private sessions – you learn about your posture and physical limitations; you learn about STOTT PILATES‘ 5-basic principles; and you learn how to apply these 5 principles into your daily physical activities and/or sports that you play.

Many don’t get Pilates in just one single session. Which is why, we discounted 4 private sessions to ensure you give it a chance to understand and appreciate what Pilates can do for you. Which is also why, we highly encourage you to start off with private pilates sessions before considering duet sessions or group classes.

10 - 20 - or 50 Sessions

Upon completing the 4 private pilates sessions, you will be able to discuss and decide along with your instructors what works best for you.

  1. Define your goal (you would have shared your initial goal with the instructor on your first visit), be it rehabilitation, general fitness, or performance.
  2. Ask your instructors what is a realistic timeline to achieve your goals considering both your availabilities.
  3. Decide your frequency per week – we suggest starting with minimum twice per week for quicker short term result and body/muscle acclimatization,
  4. And most importantly budget.

It is with strict policy at Pilatique, we do not hard-sell our packages. When we go through this consultation process, you will be able to personally deduce what works best for you after experiencing what Pilates can do for you after your initial 4 private pilates sessions. We also do not hard-sell our largest package, only except to share the savings you would achieve if you do need that many sessions to achieve your goals.

Duet or Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

One may opt to have their pilates sessions with a friend or partner. In a duet or semi-private pilates session, two clients will work together with an Instructor.

These sessions are lively and motivating, and when done 2-3 times each week they deliver visible and lasting results. These duet sessions are also great for couples as couples who works out together, stays together.

Primarily, duets will be conducted on the reformer. There will be occasions, other apparatus will be introduced into the class to add variety.

However, before embarking on a duet session, be sure to consult with the instructor on the suitability first. At Pilatique, we place emphasis on safety. Especially if one of the partner has a rehab condition to address, we may strongly advice on doing some private pilates sessions before doing duet sessions.


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