Pilates Classes You'll Need For Your Mind Healing

Pilates Classes You’ll Need For Your Mind Healing

We all join a kind of sport for many reasons. For peers, health reasons, comfort from pain, and mind healing amongst others. Same reason for Pilates practitioners. We can’t deny that most of us join because of the benefits Pilates promise- slenderness and lean physique, apart from general well-being. What we often missed is the underlying advantage of the practice itself on our mental health. YES- Pilates is capable of healing your mind and this fact is not uncommon amongst the stressed and depressed urban goers. *Barbara, 36, has been a Pilates practitioner since 2015. Her experience in this healing exercise stems from her desire to release stress. Her hectic life as an investment banker has taken a toll on her holistic well-being and she started to see deterioration from her busy, unhealthy lifestyle. Not to mention her smoking habit which does no good to her already worn-out body. When she started with Pilates, it was tough for her because she had to learn to be focused and mindful. With determination and constant guidance from dedicated instructors, Barbara eventually acquired the fundamentals of Pilates and began incorporating the techniques she learned during her sessions into her actual life. Starting with the five (5) core principles of Pilates, Barbara learns to gain control of her body and mind. Within a month or so, she’s experienced a tremendous difference and is slowly cutting down on the cigarettes. Aside from seeing the real change, she is also feeling more alert and concentrated in her work, thus making more sound decisions and fewer mistakes. These are just a few tangible benefits you can observe from real life practitioners’ experience, and you’ve got to meet them in person just to see the contrast of lifestyle. The embodiment of Pilates and mind benefits do not stop at Barbara’s experience. A few of our practitioners and instructors themselves at Pilatique will be able to testify to this. But before you scramble to your nearest, random gym sesh, take note that not all gym outlets are able to provide you with professional Pilates sessions. Because it takes a certified instructor specializing in Pilates to actually evaluate and propose the best treatment or session for you! *Debbie, a dancer, can testify to Pilates’ benefits. “Pilates has helped me liberate my mind and allows me to be in control of my body! The feeling is out of the world. It feels free,” she says. So what’s the hype exactly and why is Debbie feeling that way? We find out for you…

The brain benefits

Physical benefits aside, Pilates is also great for your mind and soul. Doing Pilates rewards you with these feel-good assets:
  • Develop your sense of mastery, that will help you greatly when it comes to taking control of your life or emotions
  • Free your muscle tension through extension, conditioning, and mobilization
  • Encourage feel-good endorphins in your system, which helps lift your mood and reduce anxiety
  • Raise your energy level as you learn to improve on your breathing technique, thus increasing blood circulation throughout your body, enhancing your flexibility and spine health that, in turn, generate more alertness and energy to get you through your day. This brings us to you…
  • Having better sleep at night from using sufficient energy throughout the day.
  • Distracts you from your daily worries (work, family, etc.)
  • Rid of accumulated stress and day-to-day impediment
  • General improvement in your health and body
  • Minimizes any pain that is associated with Alzheimer’s with promoting body-mind awareness
  • Create body-mind relationship where meditation helps you to keep calm and sharpens your mind, making you a better decision maker and thinker
  • Instill positive habits and help you get through with addictions (like in Barbara’s case)
  • Ease chronic pain and allows you to enjoy life with better quality pain management.
And the list just goes on… If you want to make a difference in your life now, there’s always something for everyone to gain from Pilates.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself and book a free session with us today!

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