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Pilates in Singapore: How to Find the Best Studio

Your body is a complicated and sometimes overworked tool that needs care and attention, no matter your age. Proper diet and exercise are a good place to start when thinking about how you can improve your overall physical health. 

However, you may consider going to the gym every day a daunting and unappealing activity. You may even dread the idea of it.

If you do, you’re in luck. There are many alternate ways to stay in good physical shape without the boring daily gym routine.

In recent years, the practice of Pilates has become a popular and very beneficial alternative.

Visiting a Pilates Singapore studio routinely gives you the ability to build strength, increase flexibility, and build muscle tone.

It’s also a great exercise regiment to adopt after undergoing any kind of physical injury as it is low-impact and has been proven to reduce aches and pains caused by ailments or injuries. 

Don’t let the painful side effects of aging or injury stop you from living your life to the fullest. Consider adopting a consistent exercise routine at a Pilates studio in Singapore. 

What to Look For When Searching for the Best Pilates Studio

When it comes to how to find a Pilates studio to fit your fitness needs, you simply need to know the key elements that make up a quality facility. Not all Pilates studios are created equal. However, if you consider the things discussed here, you’ll be sure to find a studio that makes you happy. 

Take a look at some of these important features your next studio should include for you to have the best experience possible. 

Certified Instructors

Pilates is a complex form of exercise that if not taught correctly can cause more harm than good. 

That is why it is very important to choose a Pilates studio that employs certified instructors who have undergone proper training. Properly trained instructors will know what modifications you will need according to specific injuries, which exercises are best for your current physical state, and other important information critical to your well-being. 

If you aren’t sure if a studio’s instructors are certified or not, be sure to ask!

Various Teaching Styles

You are a unique individual that responds to a different style of teaching than someone else in a Pilates class might. 

Perhaps you enjoy a teacher who is calm and light with their tongue when teaching. Or maybe you prefer a more aggressive teaching style in which the instructor shouts out words of encouragement frequently to keep you motivated. 

If you aren’t comfortable with this particular style, then you won’t enjoy the class and probably won’t want to go back. This is why your Singapore studio needs to offer a variety of different teaching styles to fit your learning needs. 

Flexible Class Schedule

There are studios out there that will only offer classes on weekdays or at inopportune hours of the day. 

If you are a busy person with a loaded work schedule, you’ll want to find a studio that offers classes at times you will have available. 

Some studios will even offer private classes that offer you one-on-one time with a professional instructor according to your schedule. 

The benefits of private sessions can be monumental. If you are the only one in the class, then the instructor can tailor the exercises to fit your exact physical needs. This is a great option for anyone with a specific injury they are trying to overcome. 

State of the Art Equipment

From reformers to cadillac trapeze table to pilates mats, you’ll want to ensure your studio of choice has everything you need to gain the most from your Pilates routine. 

Be on the lookout for STOTT PILATES equipment in particular. This equipment is the best of the best. You can rest assured that when using a studio with STOTT PILATES equipment, you’ll see results in no time. 

Ask the studio you are considering to tour the facilities to see what kind of shape their equipment is in or if they use STOTT PILATES equipment. If their mats are worn and the reformers look as if they are from ten years ago, then you may want to consider other options. 

The quality and amount of equipment available can be just as important as the quality of instructors. 

Convenient Location

The chances of you wanting to spend an hour commuting to your studio of choice each way are slim. You’ll want to choose a studio that is easy to get to and won’t take up too much of your day when traveling to and from. 

If you find a studio you love that does require a far commute, then you may decide it’s worth it. The decision is totally up to you and worth serious consideration. 

Overall Atmosphere

Good vibes, regular cleaning to protect from COVID-19, and a welcoming atmosphere are a must in whatever studio you choose. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at this location, you’ll want it to feel safe and like a second home. 

How a space feels is dependent on each person, so it’s important to visit the space before committing to a membership. 

Consider how the space is decorated and laid out. Is it inviting? Are the staff constantly wiping things down and removing potential germs? Does it feel like a place you’d want to spend ample time in? 

You’ll also want to consider how you are treated by the staff. Instructors and other staff members should make you feel welcome and that your fitness needs are their first priority. 

Find the Perfect Pilates Singapore Studio for You

If you’ve found yourself wondering, how do I find the best Pilates studio near me? You now have all the answers you need. 

By finding a Pilates Singapore studio with certified instructors, quality equipment, and the right “vibe”, you’ll be reaching your fitness goals in no time. After your first class, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to embark on this road to health and happiness.

Check out our full list of products and services or schedule a complimentary 30-45mins consultation-trial to begin your Pilates journey as soon as possible. 

Never let an injury or the aches and pains of aging stop you from doing the things you love again.