4 Important Things You Need To Practice For A Pain-Free Driving [Infographic]

4 Important Things You Need To Practice For A Pain-Free Driving [Infographic]

Pain-free driving– what all of us want but the majority don’t get to experience it. Unless, of course, if you’ve been practicing Pilates for awhile and know the ins and outs of your body well. So much so that you know how to adjust your posture during those long drives.

In case you hadn’t notice, good posture takes practice too.

As a Pilates instructor and practitioner, one questions how far you’d go beyond the training sessions to truly practice what you preached and learned.

Clients frequently come into our studio complaining about neck and back pain. Quite often, they are guilty of driving for long periods of time for work or leisure. The good news is that strengthening the core, and in turn, the postural muscles, can help prevent and relieve those bothersome aches.

So even though I’m not an instructor, I’ll still execute whatever I’ve learned as a beginner.

And that practice starts even at odd hours like getting stuck in the traffic (if you’re Malaysian, you’ll know what I mean).

Before I turn on the ignition, these are some of the steps I learned from my Pilates lessons (some are also gleaned from the awesome The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World by the world-renowned structural, postural expert— Mary Bond).

So if there’s anything as useful as these tips to rid of aching butts and stiff necks from driving, try these four important tips for a pain-free driving:

The road to painless drive is just a stop away!

Spin these moves at least three times a week, to help condition your body for long stretches on the highway, or after-hours spent on the road.

The results, in the long run, will be so worth it!

Like your car, it’s good to practice “proper alignment behind the wheel; even though your newly discovered habit might feel a little uncomfortable at first. Over time, your body will naturally acclimatize to those ‘proper seated posture’ practice.

Because really…

There isn't really a better time to start- but now!


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