Your Cool Yoga Poses Could Be Destroying You

Yoga existed over 5000 years ago, although some researchers argued that this body form practice might be older than that.

Hailed as the sacred, and spiritual discipline in ancient India, yoga has progressed throughout the decades and gained popularity in the 20th century, due to the Western influence.

Even though various studies attempted to test the effectiveness of yoga, from curing cancer to healing the mental health, a tangible result is still debatable.

Despite many inconclusive research, few sources are also suggesting that yoga may potentially hurt its practitioners, if not done correctly.

I teach back care and posture classes using Pilates. I agree with Joseph that pilates was developed as a form of rehabilitation for the military and later on for dancers. Working one on one with a certified pilates instructor is the ideal situation for anyone with back and posture issues. Pilates breath work and activation of the transverse abdominus specifically are crucial for posture and relieving back pain. I’ve never taken a yoga class where the instructor breaks down core strength like in Pilates. – Amber Zuckswert, Avid yogi for the last ten years (on Quora)

Sadly, like any sport, if you’re not attempting your body form correctly, you’re actually doing more harm to your body ( i.e.misalignment, chronic pain, etc.) than improving your physique and wellness.

Your yoga poses may hurt you!

Whether you’re already feeling the pain or are struggling in yoga, how about giving pilates a shot? Schedule a free trial and test it for yourself. No matter how these practitioners can relate their experiences to you, you’ll still need to figure what works best for you and your body.

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