Sexy Pilates: Rev-up Your Bedroom Antics With Mind-Blowing Stamina

Talk about sexy Pilates (that’s Pilates and sex in our definition) and they’ll either lit up or shy away. Most people won’t admit it. But whenever when you come across a word like SEX, you’d either blushed or be quick enough brush off the topic.

Talk about some mind-blowing stamina to spice up the bedroom antics and you’ll curiously ponder how Pilates is going to help you achieve that.

Sex- the most sought-after, controversial term that gets people’s eyes perked up, at the same time dirty enough to be avoided by even your closest sisters. But imagine you can have a rocking bedroom experience, won’t that an area of topics worth exploring, perhaps learning to improve?

We’re not going to deny it. We’ve heard some compelling stories.

Stories about how our practitioners’ sexual experience changed after a few good sessions of – you’d guessed it- Pilates.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t exactly spill the beans but once we couldn’t help but overheard when our student, Lilly* shared about her ‘improved’ quality of living (in the bedroom).

That sure got us thinking. Sparked a discussion that got us reflecting on our own lives.

YES. Sexy Pilates makes sex better. It makes us happier too. The question is – how?

After some researching and digging into the mechanisms of this practice, all to make sense of sex and pilates; the sex improvement you experience lately (thanks to sexy Pilates!) boils down to these 5 points. Time to unlock these dirty little secrets:

Activate the power of your core- Pilates

1. Activate the power of your core

Ladies take note. This muscle group is the key to a satisfying burst of orgasms. If you haven’t heard about Kegel exercises, it’s about time you do. By strengthening this muscle group, you’re reinforcing the firmness of your pudendal nerve (this is where your wonderful, mind blowing “O” happens), the anus, urethra and the vagina.

By strengthening this muscle group, you’re reinforcing the firmness of your pudendal nerve (this is where your wonderful, mind blowing “O” happens), the anus, urethra and the vagina.

The stronger the contraction of these pelvic floor muscles, the more intense your orgasm is going to be. Having better “grip” in these areas increases friction and contact area for better pleasure between you and your partner.

But Kegel alone is not your holy grail of orgasm. The ability to engage your transverse abdominal (TA) and pelvic floor during your sex movements will help greatly.

Pilates (indirectly) trains you to do so through its series of core strengthening workouts. That’s when you magically discover that you have the ability to carry over your pelvic floor and have your feet up by your ears for an impressive sexy pose over your rocking lean body. 


Breathing control- Pilates

2. Control over your breath

The more oxygen you take in, the more there is in your blood. That’s why you’ll notice hard-workers at gyms often pant during vigorous exercises. There’s a downside to this natural cause though.

Panting is nature’s way of telling the body to fire a signal for more oxygen consumption because of the lack of O2 in the bloodstream.

And if you can’t get enough of oxygen to travel on time throughout your body, you’ll experience short spells of dizziness.

This probably explains why your squats kind of making you faint at times. But if you don’t have this experience, good for you. You probably have good breathing control!

In Pilates, practitioners are taught to focus on their breathing control. Even though Pilates is generally gentler on the joints and tough on the muscles, as opposed to other long endurance activities (e.g. triathlon), you’ll still need to maintain a sharp focal point on your movements, postures, and breathing during your regular sessions.

When breathing control has been practiced long enough and becomes integrated with your way of living, you’ll never have to experience the lack of rich blood infused with oxygen, traveling to all the right places to maintain arousal and ultimately, achieve orgasm.

Pilates workout

3. Better balance, more positions

On top of breathing control, Pilates is also about balancing your body’s strength, energy flow as well as mobility. A targeted Pilates exercise (also clinical Pilates will help!) can assist in stability and balancing posture.

Over a period of practice, your body will be accustomed to sitting, standing and even kneeling in an improved position, which in turn will benefit your bedroom ploys.

We know that sometimes it can be intimidating to try new grooves because, who are we kidding, as we age we tend to be more subdued and less adventurous.

Bedroom antics can be scary as the many moves romantic couples portrayed in popular culture might challenge us, and these tricky bedroom maneuvers actually require stamina, stability, and balance. But all these petty worries can be addressed with the constant and diligent practice of Pilates, that can help inspire us to explore new drills and concurrently keep us safe from unexpected injuries.


Cuties for Pilates

4. Thank goodness for Pilates (says the Penis)

It might seem that most of the sexy Pilates benefits mentioned are geared towards women, sex, and their orgasm, but we haven’t forgotten about the guys. Turns out, a majority of men swear by the positive effects of Pilates had on their sex lives too. Seems like sexy Pilates do pay attention to the penis too!

Pelvic floor exercises are not only for women, but this group of muscles (pubococcygeus, iliococcygeus, and coccygeus) leads both genders to a greater height of sexual achievement.

Strengthening the pelvic floor not only works wonders for men but also relieving urinary issues (similar to women) and enabled them to build deeper, longer lasting love making sessions.

For the adventurous at heart and bedroom “heavy lifters,” men who indulge in intense lifting can keep their lumbar spine from long term harm by contracting their pelvic floor to cope with the fatigue hard work. Now, that’s sexy Pilates doing justice for your sensual well-being.


Mind over competence- Pilates and sex

5. Mind over incompetence?

It takes more than just physical connection in the bedroom. Understanding the mind has also changed many peoples’ lives on this sensitive subject.

“Sex first starts in the brain,” if you have heard of this before, it’s not uncommon to find that we’re most intrigued by the effects erotic literature has had on our imaginations. Before feelings are transferred to the body, the brain channels this sexual energy (arousal)  for the release of tension. Blood then flows through the human sex organs, allowing the brain to release dopamine for the feel-awesome goodness. Some people might fall asleep after sex, while others carry their days through a new wave of energy, depending on the individuals’ hormonal system.

Additionally, Pilates practitioners are taught to develop mindfulness and a keen sense of focus when they are into their sessions. By parlaying those skills into the bedroom, the single focus on your partner and task at hand enhances the sex experience when each person is fully present intimately.

Since Pilates is all about mind and body connection, those who seek to actively engage their mind and energy during sex be aware of their body, and this kind of mindfulness improves one’s responsiveness towards their rhythms and movements, making both parties totally available to the emotional aspects of sex, which can be extremely fulfilling to both men and women.

Be like Lilly. Be even better


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*Names changed to protect our student’s identity. Hey, some of us are indeed, shy 🙂