Emma Watson’s Secret To A Rocking Hot And Lean Body

Wish you had bodies like Hollywood celebrities?

Realistically, we all know they worked hard for it. While we’re busy juggling between gym time and work traffic, these celebrities had to incorporate strength training and lean exercises into their schedules. It’s not a choice for them.

It’s not a choice for them.

They don’t get to decide if they want to join Zumba tonight or this weekend.

Like bathing on a daily basis, these stars make time for exercises as often as their shower spells.

They literally had to depend on their physique (apart from good looks) to make a living.

Sound stressful?


But if you have a private trainer and nutritionist who takes care of your food intake and action-busting moves, the only worrying you’ll ever need is to look like your body goals at the end of those sweaty sessions.



                                                  [Source: Celebrity Health Fitness]

Preparing for her big role as Belle

Over the years, Emma Watson has come to terms with her body. Like many young ladies, Watson was struggling with her body image at a point in her career, she “went through a stage of wanting to have that straight-up-and-down model look, but she knows that she has curves and hips,” and she advises that “in the end, you have to accept yourself as you are.”

Instead of starving herself helplessly, Watson watches the phases her body went through and credits to having the patience and healthy lifestyle in achieving her body goals.

“My weight has fluctuated between a size 6 and a 10. As you grow, your body is still adapting to change and it takes a while to settle down,” said Emma.


Emma’s healthy, and modest workout plans

Even though the Beauty and the Beast star is being realistic with her body image, it doesn’t mean that she just slacks off.

Her five days a week workout plan consists of intense cardio including Pilates, weight lifting, and sprint running.

Aside from core training, Emma enjoys Pilates as the workout helps sculpture her body into a strong, lean and flexible machine. It not only strengthens her ab muscles but also trains her to channel her energy on her core, glutes, and thighs, making them firmer and flexible.

Pilates has proven to be beneficial to Emma in every way (physically and psychologically), so much that she’s making time for it.

Whenever she’s in Los Angeles, Emma will pay a visit to her Pilates instructor, Mari Winsor, every day for an hour of mindful conditioning.

Here’s a typical Emma workout:



                                                              [Source: Danielle Peazer Fitness]

If Pilates works like magic for Emma Watson, it could for you too. Check out our happy practitioners here, and check out our list of experts who worked wonders with Pilates, for themselves and for the others. 

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