Rachel Kang

Rachel is a Billingual instructor that moved to Singapore and became a mother of two. With the pregnancies, daily chores, and habitual moving patterns. She often suffers from tightness in her shoulders, mid-back, hip joint and knee pains. She then discovered Pilates and found that practising Pilates had not only resolved her pain issues but also improved her overall body posture, gain muscle strength and a tension-free body. 

She has gone through different schools to enhance her understanding of Pilates and is now, fully certified in STOTT PILATES. In her pursuit to help bodies with different needs, she continued her learning journey by going through workshops on the subject of Pilates for seniors, scoliosis, and abundant body (overweight). 

She enjoys helping her clients improve their posture and body awareness through Pilates, to move and feel better.


  • STOTT PILATES Level 1 & 2 – Fully Certified Instructor
  • The Franklin Method – Tone Your Core, Release Your Back
  • The Franklin Method – Pelvic Power, The Walking Pelvis
Rachel Kang

Rachel Kang

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