Melinda Teo – STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor

Prior to being an instructor, I was desk-bound in a corporate job spending most of my days seated and sedentary due to long work hours and daily commute. Over the years, lower back and neck issues started occurring more often and intensely; which led me to multiple physio visits and Pilates. I have always been a casual yoga practitioner but when I started Pilates and realized my conditions improving, I decided to pursue it personally and professionally.

As my physical ailments started to disappear, I also noticed how my body was transformed, building strength and flexibility, with increased endurance and finding the body’s equilibrium. Developing mind body awareness through practice improved my posture and slowly undoing bad habits. I marvel at how we are created and our remarkable mind that connects and move our muscles bringing about not only physical change but also mental.

Passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates and helping clients build awareness for better postural alignment for optimal movement function in their daily activity. My fitness mantra: exercise to not only transform one’s body to be stronger, more flexible, better endurance and balance but the whole being – mind, attitude and emotion, bringing balance into one’s life.


Melinda Teo

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