Gena Ng

Before Gena started her pilates journey, she used to run a lot and even participated in marathons every year. She liked to keep her body moving so trying out different types of workouts is one of her leisure time favourites.

When she tried out Pilates, she was totally hooked. She loved how Pilates helps her increase her body awareness, improves her posture, and builds up her core, strength and flexibility. By practising Pilates, she found that she has understood her body even better and is able to do the exercises in the correct way to workout the correct muscles. She sees my body improve everyday and she can’t stop thinking of doing pilates, especially her favourite part – spinal articulation. Hence, she decided to become an instructor to share her knowledge and experience with everyone.

For her, Pilates is a blend of technical, fitness, stability, balance, endurance and control. The layering of the exercises also makes it beginners friendly and working on the progression to achieve the benefit of the full exercises. It can be customised to fit everyone at every age. And there is no reason for you to stop moving your body by doing pilates!


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Gena Ng

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