Chermaine Hoo

Chermaine was introduced to Pilates by a friend when she had constant back and neck pain due to long hours of standing as a flight attendant.

She discovered the world of pilates back in 2016 with her first reformer class and she got hooked. She was surprised by how her body changed after practising Pilates for a month. The constant pain on her neck and lower back vanished and her body also got toner, stronger and healthier. She was amazed by how my body could connect with the muscles in a distinct and mindful way that she have never felt before.

This has inspired her to pursue instructor certification from STOTT PILATES. She believes that Pilates is not just another method of getting fit, it is a very precise, intelligent exercise system that focuses on quality but not quantity. Its a way of learning how your body works and gives you the tools to improve your posture, appearance and physical wellbeing.

Chermaine Hoo Profile Picture at Pilatique Pilates Studio

Chermaine Hoo

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