Learning Pilates at Pilatique comes with different types of work-out programs to choose from. Our programs are well customized towards different people with different physical goals.

1. Strengthening

2. Muscle Toning

3. Health and Wellbeing

4. Fixing Posture

Athletic Conditioning

For those who work with very fit and accomplished athletes – learn to improve strength, power and agility, while challenging unilateral movement, weight transference and torso rotation. Take the clients to a new level of athletic performance.

Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning

For clients with injuries or special conditions – zero in on areas of the body which are most commonly injured. Help the clients maintain strength and prevent future injuries.

Pre- & Post-natal

Take moms-to-be from traditional Matwork to variations that address their changing bodies. Appropriate exercise adaptations taking individual factors into consideration such as fitness level and health concerns.

Golf Conditioning

Learn exercises designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility and power. Condition the entire body, enhance core stability and body awareness to help boost performance on and off the green.

Active for Life (Geriatrics)

Specialized programing for the active aging population – learn to adapt the STOTT PILATES Principles and exercises for the active Boomers and older adults. Address issues such as restricted mobility.

Individual Matwork

Teaching effective and inspiring Matwork classes requires skill, creativity and a complete repertoire of exercises. Learn techniques and selections to maintain motivation and ensure improvement even with a wide spectrum of clients.